Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Management is an Art

Visit any bookstore and you're bound to find an entire section devoted to the topic of management. Some view it as a science, others as a gift, and still others as an art.

I for one do firmly believe that it is truly an art, for it demands great agility and empathy on your part, and it usually requires a different stroke of the brush in most situations because the dynamics of no two situations are ever the same.

As an art, it can be mastered, but doing so takes time, effort, commitment and a willingness to look at situations from all perspectives, not just one's own. It is also an art in the sense that once you're good at it, like a good painting, it speaks for itself, in that its recognized, appreciated and valued.

In posts to follow, I shall shed light on some specific examples and observations, aimed at illustrating some of the most essential aspects of management.


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